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    Buy tickets for an unforgettable trip by boat on the Forelle-Flicka

Mingė village is Venice of Lithuania

There is a place after visiting which no one has ever spared. Whether the sun was biting or rain was soaking, or ice was enchaining, or flood was submerging. This is Minija (Mingė) village known as Venice of Lithuania situated on both sides of the river. Who has visited it, will come back here again and again because it is simply impossible to experience and see everything in this diversity during one visit. There are little gnats, but it is rich in excitements!

Stay at the homestead “Mingės exotica” where you will never hear “No”.

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Travel bookings and all news are available by tel. +370 679 61886. Have fun!


There are 5 triple rooms, 6 double rooms waiting for you in hotel

5 double rooms, 1 quadruple apartment await you in the guest house


Looking for a cozy and peaceful place to rest or celebrate? The cozy cafe "Mingės exotika" can accommodate up to 80 guests at a time. It's a great place for parties, weddings, birthdays, christenings and other celebrations.

Rental of boats

By renting our boat you will be able to see the Nemunas Delta, admire the magnificent view of the Curonian Lagoon, and reach Nida, Preila, Pervalka, Juodkrante, Klaipėda at any moment.

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Buy tickets for an unforgettable trip by boat on the Forelle-Flicka

Route schedule of ship Forelle for 2020 year:
May 16, 23-24d, 30-31d,
June 6-7d, 11-12d, 18-19d,
from June 24 till August 30 - every day
September 5-6d, 12-13d, 19d, 26d
Information: +370 679 30081

For adults return 18 €
single 12 €
4-14 year old children return 12 €
single 7 €
Bicycle return 3 €
single 2 €

Route times:

Minija-Nida-Minija 9:00h 17:30h
Uostadvaris-Nida-Uostadvaris 9:30h-17:30h

Minija-Nida 9:00
Uostadvaris-Nida 9:30

Nida-Minija 17:30

Attention: Tickets are non-refundable, travel date can be adjusted except for weekends. Should you have any questions please contact:mariusminge@gmail.com, minge@erdves.lt.

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