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Minija village is a good place to stay for the person a thirst for the nature – a fisher and sailor, a day-tripper and a water skis’ lover.

More and more of us do not want to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries of workplace at stuffy restaurants, but start out to the nature. Such small groups, even symposia of scientists may be found in Minija village both in summer and winter. Not without reason, Minija village residents set about to welcome holidaymakers as hospitable as possible a decade ago – it is good business, which has favourable conditions to evolve and develop here.

Stasys Petrošius is one of the first to undertake organization of leisure business in Minija village. He built a beautiful homestead with all the facilities and fun on the bank of Minija according to a traditional style village. The host believes that can arrange, prepare and develop everything properly only living here. As Stasys’s sons decided to continue their father’s feat to the business which is quite innovative for us, the fence is not fenced of straws: everything is being done thoroughly for decades, maybe - centuries.

Services provided at homestead:

  • 80 seats café;
  • Boating;
  • Rentals of boats and water bikes;
  • Sailing on water skis;
  • Fishing;
  • Lithuanian sauna;
  • Guest houses;
  • Cabins-campers;

Stay at homestead “Mingė exotica”, where you will never hear “No”

You will want to come back here! Not once or twice! Call Stasys Petrošius to Minija village. He never says “No”!

Go to Minija village, to its left bank of the river Minija, when looking downstream, and ask for the homestead owner Stasys Petrošius. Everyone knows him here! However, it may be a little risky - sometimes there may not be vacancies, and the host of homestead may really feel uncomfortable! As we get used to planning our time, you can book by e-mail, fax, or fill out an online request form..

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